Sundaise: Small community festival making a big noise

As summer makes its approach, so too does the buzz around summer festivals.  With a whole bunch of Raglan talent taking part in the Sundaise festival, check out what’s on offer!

Sundaise, located on private farmland in the Waikino Valley, Karangahake Gorge, Waikato, is one of the few festivals around to maintain a core vision to stay small yet retain the same high-quality production standards expected of an international event.

Raglan involvement includes the likes of DJs Jamin-i and Dubsonic as well as the creative duo of Tracey Beschelt and Tim Turner with their prop and set design.

“We only sell 1000 tickets so it’s big enough to be exciting but small enough to connect with people,” explains creative director, Rachael Stanway.  “What I love most about creating this event is connecting people and helping people create connections with each other.”

The three-day family-friendly event, to be held March 10-12, is a festival of music, arts and sustainability, offering a full programme of performances, installations, a kids’ zone and workshops focused on these central themes.  However, it is the styling which makes Sundaise truly unique and sought after on the festival circuit.

“My styling is eclectic, bohemian and a little bit quirky,” says Rachael.  “We have different stages and areas to the festival so I have the bigger picture in mind in terms of visuals, lighting and the event styling – I use a lot of lamps and other vintage props.”

Sundaise 2017 is already shaping up to be the high quality, arty event that many stumbled across for the first time in 2015.  Established in 2011, next year’s event promises to have even more hands-on workshops, more creativity and more music collaboration than ever before.

The BYO event also includes free camping, with many visitors taking the opportunity to swim in the river running through the property during their stay or explore the nearby bushland and native tracks.

Rachael Stanway


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