HERBAL: Shape into summer

Springtime is the time of year when we start to rid ourselves of a few layers of clothes and expose our skin to the sunlight again. For some this may be a bit daunting due to winter inactivity and consumption of heavier foods.

Five easy ways to kick start yourself into shape:

• Replace heavier root vegetables with lighter, green, leafier vegetables. Green plants contain high amounts of chlorophyll (a natural detoxifier)  and magnesium (good for sugar cravings) and their bitter taste helps with digestion.  Now is the time of year to start planting your greens so when it comes to salads you’ll be able to pick some fresh leaves straight out of the garden. Gardening has an added bonus of getting you outside – increasing your Vitamin D levels while providing physical activity.

• Take herbs such as milk thistle or dandelion that support your liver. Optimum liver function is important to help you metabolise food efficiently and increase energy levels and feelings of wellbeing.

• If you find that you are craving sweet things, magnesium and chromium might be important minerals for you. Both are involved in blood sugar regulation.

• Drink 2-3 cups of green tea a day.  Green tea has been shown to help increase metabolism as well as being a potent anti-oxidant. Our summer tea is a pleasant tasting tea that contains green tea and other cleansing and blood sugar regulating herbs.

• Make the most of the longer days and get out and do some exercise before and/or after work!

The Herbal Dispensary


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